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Super 18 Pack of Fuzzy Velvet Coloring Posters (Dinosaurs Edition)

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8.60 x 10.90 Inches
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    Have a dino-obsessed toddler? Keep them busy with our newest edition! This pack of fuzzy coloring posters is filled with 18 unique and fun dinosaurs that are ready for coloring. Each prehistoric creature has larger spaces for coloring making them an excellent choice for toddlers and kids. Also included (and only found in this pack) is an oversized fully-colored poster full of fun dino-facts and info. It’s a tremendous resource that helps kids pronounce each dinosaurs name and learn more about when it lived and what it ate. You can also use it as a coloring-guide. Overall, this brand new Dinosaur Edition Super 18 Pack is filled with fun and should keep kids, toddlers, and adults alike busy for many hours. 

    Each velvet design arrives uncolored and is just under 8x10 inches in size. Posters can be stored in the special packaging envelope when not in use. Depending on your abilities, each animal may take 20 to 50 minutes to fully complete. That’s a whopping 6 to 15 hours of coloring across the entire pack. 

    You can use any coloring markers you already have in your collection to bring these designs to life. For extra detail and sparkle, compliment your creation with metallic or glitter gel pens. As always, we suggest protecting the surface you are coloring on. 

    Collect all 15+ Super 18 Pack collections and fill your world with color.


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