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Dragon Skies - Giant Coloring Poster (This Design Is Awesome!)

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32.50 x 22.00 Inches
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    If you give a mouse a coloring poster, he'll probably ask you for some help. He will want to know what to color the dragon and whether or not the moon should be yellow or blue. You'll need to plan ahead in this case and make sure you provide clear answers. Next he'll want to know with what instrument that giant lizard will be colored with. Do you have markers or pencils? What about gel pens? In fact, to be fully prepared you will want to have some highlighters laying around for the bright areas. The mouse will take his time on this design because it will be much larger than him. We're confident if you prepare ahead of time the mouse will (eventually) complete this huge poster and it will look superb. Sadly, you will also have to say goodbye to the poster because the mouse has claimed ownership to it. You will need to wrap and roll it in plastic and send the mouse on his way. What an experience to watch a mouse color a really big poster with a giant dragon on it. You will have a great story to tell at parties from this day forward. 

     P.S. Next time buy two dragon posters. 

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