What is the difference between line art posters and fuzzy posters?

We have two main styles of coloring products. Line art is ink on paper. The blacks you see on 'line art' designs are created from ink. This means you need to be a bit more careful when coloring as there is no border or boundary to protect your pens from going outside of the lines.

Velvet or fuzzy art is rich black velvet on paper. The blacks you see on our fuzzy designs are made from velvet. This material is raised up slightly off of the paper and has a tactile feel to it. When coloring, you are less likely to color outside the lines because the velvet not only absorbs and doesn't show color but it will prevent your pen from leaving the space it's currently occupied in.

Will my poster arrive with color already on it?

No. Every poster or design you order from us will arrive black and white. We show our designs partially colored on the internet and on our website in order to better illustrate the design and show off all of its features. We also think by partially coloring the design it might help someone see how the design might look with color added to it.  

How are my posters protected during shipping?

We do our best to ensure posters are packed in a way that minimizes any potential of damage during transit. All posters arrive with a layer of plastic around them. In some cases posters are wrapped and rolled in plastic, in other cases they are placed in a clear plastic sleeve.  

Will my poster arrive flat?

All fuzzy posters at the size 16x20 or larger will arrive wrapped and rolled plastic, unless explicitly stated.

All line-art posters larger than 10x14 will arrive wrapped and rolled in plastic. (This means that our full selection of 10x14 posters will always arrive flat)

Keep in mind, if you do receive a rolled poster you can get it to lay flat easily by counter-rolling it one time. This means rolling it in the opposite direction of how it arrived to you. 

How fast will my order ship from your location? When will I receive my order?

We strive to ship all orders out within 1 business day (or less) after receiving them. In many cases, we are able to ship out orders on the same business day they are received (weekends and holidays are not considered business days). If you place your order on a Friday evening after closing, as an example, the first possible day to ship the item out would be the following Monday (so long as it is not a holiday).

The only other scenario that comes into play is if your order contains a personalized poster. Orders that contain a personalized poster may take up to two full business days before they are shipped. Although again, we strive to ship them faster when we can.

You will receive an automated email (sent to the email you used for your order) on the day your order ships with a link to the tracking information. You can use that link to monitor and watch your package on its way to you.

There appears to be an issue with tracking on my order? My order is taking longer to arrive than I expected?

Please send us a message via our Contact Us page. Please include your order # and any pertinent information.

Why is it so expensive to ship to Canada? Ship to *my location* internationally?

We feel your pain and frustration on shipping charges to Canada and other international destinations. We dislike terribly having to show such high and exorbitant shipping costs to international customers. Please understand that this is NOT connected to our own desires but rather connected directly to the CHARGES we receive from USPS to ship mail internationally. Shipping charges rise each year across the board and due to varying trade agreements, USPS may charge us MORE than the value of the products in your order. We think that's pretty crazy and wish we could fix it for all destinations. Unfortunately, we often are charged MORE than the amount shown during checkout and cover that cost for the consumer. 

We also have a very select number of items available via Amazon.CA - you can view them here:

If you would like us to re-quote your international shipment -- please message us back with your exact shipping address as well as the exact items you would like order. 

I've sent you a message but haven't heard back 

Did you reply to an order confirmation? Did you reply to a shipping confirmation email? Did you reply to a product review request?
These emails are not monitored for replies by customers. Always send important messages to us via our Contact Form here:

If you did use our contact form, was it sent over the weekend? Has there been a holiday? Although we try to reply over the weekends when we can, there are sometimes requests which require us to be in our offices to research. Please wait until Monday or Tuesday if your message was sent over the weekend for us to get back to you. Or, you can also send another message.

What kind of markers, pens or pencils should I use on your designs? 

Any kind of markers, pens or pencils will work. We always suggest practicing with your pens on a separate piece of paper to see how it might turn out. 

It's also good to keep in mind that alcohol-based markers will bleed so be sure to place a scratch piece of paper behind your art to protect the surface. Often it will bleed from the front to the back of the poster. You should also place something behind your design to protect the surface you are coloring on.  

Water-based markers will often bleed from side to side, but not from front to back. 

Do your posters come with markers or pencils? 

No, they do not. Except for our Color By Number poster sets, none of our products include markers or pencils. We do this to lower shipping weights, shipping expenses passed on to the customer and also because the 'free' markers that are often included with some coloring poster sets are of low quality. Many of our customers over the years have told us that they prefer to have their own sets of markers to use on all the posters they order. We do offer a great selection of markers, pens, and pencils on our website. Each has been used on our products and is approved by us. 

Do you have a coloring guide to show me how to color your designs? 

No, we do not include coloring guides with our products except for our Color By Number sets. We like to leave it to your imagination, and you can always reference the images on our website of each product as a way you might be able to color our designs.  

Why did I receive two tracking numbers? Why aren't all my items in one box? 

Depending on what you order, we may split your order into two packages. We do this to get items to you FASTER. It may sound odd, but many shipping companies can move and process smaller boxes that are lightweight faster than bigger boxes that are heavier. Although a split shipment may ship out from our warehouse on the exact same day, they may arrive on different dates. However, they will still arrive FASTER than had they been shipped together. A split shipment order does not cost anything to you.  

How do I track my package? 

We send tracking information to the email address submitted with the order on the same night the item ships. This is an important distinction. If you place an order over the weekend, it will not ship until the first or 2nd business day it is received (Monday/Tuesday). A tracking email would not be sent until the evening it ships. 

You can access your tracking info in several ways. #1. Review the email sent. #2 Log in to your account on our website. Navigate to orders and see the tracking # attached to the order. #3. Send a message via the contact us form on our website. 

How do I track my package if I have an international order? 

First, please read the above info. Second, once your package has left a US international shipping hub (usually San Francisco or Los Angeles or Seattle) -- take the tracking # provided and enter it into the local post office of your country. 

For Canada -- copy and paste your USPS tracking number into the Canada Post website. 
For Australia -- copy and paste your USPS tracking number into the AU Post website. 

This is how to track the item once it enters into your country -- USPS will cease tracking your package once it leaves the US.

Do you accept money orders or checks as payment? 

Yes we do. You are welcome to call your order in over the phone and we can ‘hold’ the order until payment is received. You can also write your order out in a letter (remember to include the correct shipping charge) and we can create the order after receiving it. 

Send all money orders or checks to:

PO Box 2070
Eugene, OR 97402

Where can I request a catalog from you? 

We ended our catalog program in 2017. You may have one of our old catalogs from around that time, but we no longer have them to send out. We decided to end this program because of the volume of new products we continually release. Our catalog was outdated in only a few short weeks. Prices also change over time and it was difficult to keep up with those changes without confusing customers. 

I don't have access to a computer, how can I order from you? 

Please consider visiting a local library or having a friend or family member bring over a computer or cell phone to browse our products on website. You can also write the product numbers/names down on a piece of paper after reviewing our website and send your order in via mail to the PO Box address posted above. 

Why is free shipping not kicking in or why is my coupon code not working?

In almost every instance, the above two scenarios occur because your order is not taking into consideration that all coupons and free shipping thresholds will activate based on the total amount of the products in your cart. Not products + shipping. 

Example #1: If you have $71 of product in your cart and shipping is $5 - your total is $76. However, they will not activate free shipping -- you would need to have exactly $75 or more in *product* to have free shipping become available.

Example #2: You have a $10 off coupon for a $50 order. You have $48 dollars in product in your cart and shipping is $5 for a total of $53. You enter the coupon and it does not work. Once again, this is because all discount codes and coupons require that the amount be deducted from the amount of product in your cart, regardless of shipping. In this example, you would need to have at least $50 of product in your cart before the coupon will activate. 

If you still believe you are not receiving a discount that should be working, please reach out to us at: