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Butterfly Eyes - Fuzzy Coloring Poster for Kids and Adults

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15.75 x 19.75 Inches
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    Fun fact: Butterflies with markings that look like eyes are not only cool looking, but are used to draw attention from a potential attacker. They are usually on parts of the butterfly's body that aren't vital for its survival, like the edges of the wings!

    Now, it's YOUR task to help this butterfly come to life and grow it's beautiful eye-like wings! With your coloring skills, this beautiful butterfly scene will come to life!

    You'll not only receive a fun poster to color, but also the velvet, or flocked, nature of it provides a great coloring guide! The black fuzziness of the poster creates incredible contrast with the colors you end up choosing. These posters are made with super-fine black flock with a bright white background for coloring.


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