Love animals? Ready for a coloring safari? This pack of 6 fuzzy coloring posters is ready for lots of color. It's got elephants, monkeys, koalas, and a lot more.

Monkey, Parrot, Tiger, Koala, Gecko, Elephant - 6 Pack

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8.00 x 10.00 Inches
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    This awesome pack of fuzzy coloring posters contains everything an outdoor enthusiast needs in order to go on a coloring adventure. Or, are you going on a fuzzy poster safari through the playful world of elephants taking baths and monkeys swinging from the trees? No matter which fun activity you seek, this pack of velvet animals is ready to come to life with color. 

    There's a monkey and a toucan hanging out in a fuzzy poster world of bananas and fruit. The purple elephant is splashing water on her bird friends in a scene surrounded by flowers. The tiger showing its teeth is trying to scare his friends the frog and turtle in an awesome fuzzy poster scene. Parrots are fun to color because they come in all different shades of reds, blues, and yellows. The koala and her baby are climbing a tree branch while beautiful butterflies float by. And who doesn't love coloring velvet posters with a chameleon? 

    Fuzzy poster 6-packs are a great way to spend time coloring. The black velvet keeps your markers 'inside the lines' and means no matter your skill level, your colors will pop off the page with vibrance. Choose this animal pack of posters if you like lots of different color. 

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