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Super 18 Pack of Fuzzy Velvet Coloring Posters (National Parks Edition)

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7.50 x 9.75 Inches
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  • Product Description

    Grab a set of markers and bring the outdoor adventures inside! Explore America’s natural treasures with our New Super 18 Pack National Parks Edition. This pack provides hours of coloring with its beautiful rolling hills, thick forests, rivers, and swamps to Bears, Owls, Wolves, Alligators, and more! These National Park’s velvet coloring pages are a must for any nature or animal lover.

    Along with the fuzzy designs, you’ll also receive an oversized fully-colored poster full of AWESOME National Parks Fun Facts and a Coloring Guide. Pick your favorite animal out of the bunch and check out the poster to see where that fuzzy, feathered, or scaly creature is from. You’ll also see when that National Park was established, the park’s size, and a fun fact. Truly learn as you color!

    This pack is great for the classroom, in the car, during break time, de-stressing, or even when you just need some more color in your life.

    Each design arrives in black and white where your only job is to grab a set of your favorite markers or pens and bring these beautiful designs to life! (And have fun while you’re at it!) You can even add highlights and sparkles from gel pens to add glistening water, shiny flowers, or whatever you can think of to get things popping off the pages.

    • DESIGNS: All posters shown are included in this 18-pack. Arrives at your door uncolored. Use any marker, gel pens, or another coloring medium—no duplicate posters.
    • DELIVERY: Posters are stacked together, placed in a unique clear bag, and then repackaged in a rigid envelope (as shown on this page) and shipped to your location flat.
    • MATERIAL: Super-fine ultra-black velvet. We clean our posters before packing to eliminate excess ‘fuzz’ you might find in other packs.
    • SIZE: Each design is just under 8x10 inches in size.PERFECT FOR: Arts and crafts, classroom activity, family time, daycares, hospital stays, gifts of all kinds, parents, or anyone who loves to color! This is a 100% all-ages product.

    Fuzzy posters feature:

    • Fuzzy Bear from Katmai National Park
    • Big Horn from Yosemite National Park
    • Fierce Cougar from Glacier National Park
    • Cute Rabbit from Joshua Tree National Park
    • Charming Fox from Redwood National Park
    • Sunbathing Lizard for Arches National Park
    • Big-eyed Owl from Sequoia National Park
    • Gigantic Moose from Grand Teton National Park
    • Feathered Crane from Great Sand Dunes National Park
    • Flying Eagle from Grand Canyon National Park
    • Pretty Elk from Mount Rainier National Park
    • Sneaky Snake from Bryce Canyon National Park
    • Wolf Pack from Mount Denali National Park
    • Tough Bison from Yellowstone National Park
    • Bald Eagle from Lake Clark National Park
    • Shy Deer from Acadia National Park
    • Swimming Alligator Everglades National Park
    • Climbing Squirrel from Old Faithful Geyser

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